Jaliyla Fraser

CEO & Founder

Jaliyla Fraser is currently the Supervisor of Mathematics for grades 6 - 12 in the East Orange School District in New Jersey. She works closely with building administrators, coaches, teachers and students to provide ongoing support of content and pedagogy throughout the district. Additionally, she has spent the last 6 years as a part-time lecturer of mathematics and most recently joined forces with the Urban Teachers Education Program (UTEP) as a mathematics content specialist at Rutgers University-Newark.


Her philosophy is grounded in the belief that mathematics can be accessible to all students if there is a clear and meaningful connection to their previous learning and the real-world. Exposure to mathematics should be rich and grounded in concrete experiences that bridge to the abstract.

As a former graduate of the East Orange School District and valedictorian in elementary, middle, and high school, Jaliyla’s success was guaranteed because she was given many opportunities to flourish. She wants to ensure that all students be given this same kind of access. 

As a 2009 graduate of Columbia University Teachers College with a Masters of Arts in Mathematics Education, she possesses a vast amount of classroom experience on the seventh through twelfth grade and college levels, in both urban and suburban school districts. She earned her Bachelors of Science in Secondary Education with a concentration in Mathematics at Temple University in May of 2008 and became certified to teach Physics in 2012.


Mathematics is a true passion of hers and she is constantly looking for new ways to inject that same passion into the students and teachers that she supports.


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